Breckbill Bible College  - Where there is no vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18a


        The distinctive character and philosophy of Breckbill Bible College is reflected in several ways: 

  1.  The distinctive interpretation of the Bible. The Bible is properly interpreted using a biblical system of Hermeneutics and the Word of God must be taught by those who have their own lives changed by its unique message.
  2.  The education offered at Breckbill Bible College is based upon biblical presuppositions and does not in any way adhere to the modern evolutionary approach to the Bible and to education. Modern liberal interpretation is repudiated as unacademic and unscriptural.
  3. The Word of God it not only taught systematically but every student is encouraged to maintain a vital Christian experience with the God of the Word.
  4.  God is seen as the starting point of all true knowledge and not man. In modern education man is thought of as autonomous at Breckbill Bible College—God is the center of all true knowledge, man as a sinner must be enlightened by the Holy Spirit to come to a proper understanding of the scriptures and of the God revealed in them. The curriculum is positively Bible-centered and God is given His proper place in all academic training.

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