Breckbill Bible College  - Where there is no vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18a
Independent Study Program

     The purpose of the independent study program is to extend the educational opportunities of Breckbill Bible College to students who cannot attend classes on campus or to those who desire to expand their personal Biblical Education.  Tuition is $60 per credit hour plus textbooks, course materials and shipping. 

Courses Available Currently as part of the Bible Institute, Certificate of Biblical Studies Program, and  Undergraduate program: 

                            Old Testament Survey  4
                           New Testament Survey 4
                                       Ruth 2
                                      James 2
                                       Jude 2
                                 I Thessalonians 2
                                II Thessalonians 2
                                       I John 2
                                      II John 2
                                     III John 2 
                                     Romans 3
                     Philosophy of Christian Education 3

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