Breckbill Bible College  - Where there is no vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18a

History of Manahath Educational Center         
      Manahath Educational Center was founded in 1957 by the late Dr. W.W.Breckbill beloved pastor and founder of the Evangelical Methodist Conference. The first location of the school was at the Manahath Bible Conference in Williamsburg Pa. with only four students the school grew and later relocated at 5th Ave, in Altoona Pa. Later in 1966 the campus was moved to the Old Captain Jack Mansion on Juniata street in Hollidaysburg Pa.  Seeking a central U.S. location, it relocated in 1996 to Virginia and was renamed Breckbill Bible College after its founder.  Graduates are serving in Evangelical Methodist Churches, Independent Fundamental Churches and other denominations, throughout the USA, as well as the foreign mission field and in Christian Schools and Christian Camps.     
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