Breckbill Bible College  - Where there is no vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18a

                               $ 80 Per   

Room and Board         $ 1650
Total for Semester    
Audit                           $40 per   
Bible Institute           $75 per    
Graduate                    $125 per   
Post Graduate           $200 per 
 A dormitory deposit of $150 must be sent to the College office   by July 1, for students   enrolling  for the Fall Semester and January 1 for the Spring Semester. This will be deducted from the costs at registration.   It is refundable if withdrawn prior to the opening of school.  

  The first tuition and room and board payment plus book fees are due at registration. The remaining payment is due the week before mid-term exams.   Textbooks are approximately $125 per semester. Book fees must be paid at registration and cannot be applied to the  extended bill.                                  


   A statement of your account will be given at registration and before mid-term exams. If a student desires to know the status of his account, he may visit the Director of Operations during regular office hours.  


  If you feel that you need financial aid or a work scholarship, you may fill out a Financial Aid/Work Scholarship Request Form in the College Office. Work Scholarship determinations will be based on the need of the student and the need of the college.  

   The following charges will be made in cases of withdrawal from the college after commencement of classes regardless of the reason.   Room and Board charge and Matriculation Fee will be pro-rated based on the length of the students stay.   Application Fee is non-refundable.   After the third week of classes, no refunds of tuition are made since the college has already made financial commitments for the entire academic year based on the student’s enrollment.  Students dismissed from Breckbill will be responsible for the entire tuition of the semester; room and board charges will be pro-rated

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