Breckbill Bible College  - Where there is no vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18a

      Breckbill is owned and operated by the Evangelical Methodist Church of America. This is a separated, Bible-believing denomination, encompassing congregations from coast to coast and around the world. It also cooperates with independent Bible-believing Churches.  It is associated with the American Council of Christian Churches. Breckbill therefore draws its students from a broad scope of cultures, countries and congregations—churches which fellowship around the fundamentals of historic Christian faith.                    
          Breckbill Bible College is operated by Manahath Educational Center Inc. and as a Theological Institution meets the requirements of the Virginia Statues for Exemption from Licensure by the Higher Education Council of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In addition Breckbill Bible College is on the list of Recognized College Programs of the Association of Christian Schools International.  

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